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Innovative Foam and Plastics Technologies
Vertex offers superior production capabilities to meet your production demands. Vertex satisfies the most diverse product requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Flame Lamination
Flame lamination is the process of melting one or more surfaces to a sheet of foam by passing it through an open flame. While still molten, it is immediately pinch rolled to substrate(s) or foam(s) on one or both sides. This creates a thermal mechanical bond, free of adhesives or other chemicals.

The Wave Molding Advantage
Vertex Wave is a newly developed, patented process that can incorporate foams of different densities, copolymers, and multiple materials into one product simultaneously. Foams are blown in the mold. These unique capabilities offer the widest spectrum of design options for your product, surpassing thermoforming, injection, or any other molding process.

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